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College GPA Calculator

The College GPA Calculator is used to calculate the grades of your college course. It is easy to use and helps you maintain the high standards of study grades while in college. It is used to calculate the college grades regardless of the course taken by different individuals. The first step is to enter your letter grades. Your current grade can also be estimated or inquired from the lecturers. Most of these grades range from A+ to F based on the 4.0 scale.

The second procedure is to add your class credits. You will enter the grade and credit earned for every class. Your weighted classes will have additional points on the GPA scale. The unweighted classes do not carry the extra points and are regular. The GPA will be calculated according to the subjects and grades that you enter in the text fields.

The results of your GPA will be displayed below the bottom platform of the calculator. The GPA of the grades is calculated as a weighted average. It is when the number of credits awarded to an individual is the weight and the numeric grades extracted from the GPA table. The College GPA calculator uses a formula in performing the conversions. It is fast, reliable and gives you accurate results depending on the grades entered in the text fields.

The GPA is calculated by the sum of the credit weight multiplied by the grade. The College calculator will use the formula in performing the conversions. It has been programmed to deliver accurate results within a short period. Determining your GPA will give you an insight of how you have been performing in the various subjects. Since you have all your grades, the calculator makes it easier for you by performing the conversions. The only thing you need to do is to enter the values correctly in the required text fields.

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