Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

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Final Grade Calculator

The final grade calculator is used to determine the grade that you expect on the final exam. It is easy to use the fact that it has step by step procedures of performing the calculations. First, you need to enter your current grade in the first text field. You can also select the option using the grades as it reflects automatically in the text field. Proceed to the required class grade. It is the average score that all the students are required to attain e.g. pass mark.

Enter the final exam weight before clicking on the ‘Calculate’ button. The results of the final exam grade needed will be displayed in the bottom platform of the calculator. It also has the ‘Reset’ button which is an active control of the calculator. It is used to erase all data of the previous calculations. You can always try out the procedure using different values to determine the score you need on the final exam.

For example;
If your current grade is 95% (A) and the required class grade is 85% (B), what is the final exam grade needed if the final exam weight is 90%.

Enter the current grade, required class grade and the final exam weight in their respective text fields before you click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

The final exam grade needed will be displayed as; 83.89 (B-).

The final grade calculator uses a specific formula in performing the calculations.

Final exam grade = (100% x required grade – (100% - w) x current grade) / w

Current grade = 95%

Final exam weight = 90%

Required class grade = 85%

Final exam grade = (100% x 85% - (100% -90%) x 95% / 90% = 83.89% (B-)

The final grade calculator has been effective in delivering accurate results depending on the scores you enter in the respective text fields.

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