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It is used to calculate the GPA using the credit hours and the individual grades. GPA of the grades is calculated as a weighted average when the number of hours or credit is the weight. The numeric grade is extracted from the GPA table. It has three columns where you fill in the class name, Credit/Hours and Grades respectively. It has numerous rows which are useful in accommodating large number of values that have to be computed to find the GPA. This calculator has three controls which perform different functions of the calculator.

The ‘Calculate’ button is used to initiate the conversion giving you the result in GPA. It will be displayed in the bottom platform of the calculator. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all the data present in the text fields. It is the fastest way of clearing the calculator when you want to perform new calculations. The ‘Add row’ button is used to make additional rows extending the text fields of the calculator. You can use this option once the cells are filled completely. The GPA calculator gives you accurate results within a single click. It uses the input in the above text fields to give the value in GPA.

The GPA calculator uses a particular formula in performing the conversions.

GPA = w1 x g1 + w2 x g2 + w3 x g3 +… +wn x gn, where w = weight and g= grade

It means that the GPA is calculated by multiplying the sum of the multiplication of credit hours weight by the grade.

You can also determine the credit hours weight using the formula;

Wi = ci / (c1 + c2 + c3 +…. + cn), where the credit hours weight is calculated by the class credit hours dividing it by the sum of credit hours of the entire classes.