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High School GPA Calculator

This Calculator is used to calculate the GPA of the grades in your high school subjects or courses. It is simple to use and gives accurate results depending on the values you enter in the respective text fields. You will first enter the course name of every subject that you are pursuing in high school. This calculator allows you to add more courses if they exceed the text fields provided. Enter your grades and credits in that order according to what you attained. The type of course can also be selected since the grades may be of different levels of learning.

To figure out your GPA, you can select the format of your current grade. It can either be a percentage grade or letter grade. Your teacher can also provide you with the actual grades before you get the final report at the end of the semester. If it is not possible, you can also estimate according to the difficulty levels you had while sitting for the exams.

On the 4.0 Scale, the letter grades can range from A+ to F depending on the performance of an individual. The grades in percentages can range from 60% to 100%. You are considered to have failed when you go below the 59% grade depicted by the letter (F).

The calculator will start computing your high school GPA once you enter your current grades and total number of credits taken. The regular classes have the points measured according to a standard scale. As you enter the class and subject weight, your GPA will be updated and adjusted. It will be displayed under the ‘GPA’ section as a weighted GPA and the unweighted GPA. The difference between the two is that the weighted GPA factors in the course type weightings and the course credits. The unweighted GPA ignores the course type weightings and course credits.

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