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Grade Calculator

The Grade Calculator is used to determine the average grade of individual weights. It can be used to calculate multiple values at once. This calculator has three columns and several rows. You will enter the weights in the first column and grades in the second column. The third column displays the grades in letters. Choosing any of the letter grades in the options provided gives the values of the grades in percentages. It has three control buttons that perform different functions of the calculator. The ‘Calculate’ button is used to execute the conversions once the values have been correctly entered in the appropriate text fields. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the text fields.

The ‘Add row’ is one of the active controls of the Grade Calculator. It is used to add other rows giving space for more values that need to be calculated. The results in average grade will be displayed below the three controls. It also assigns the average letter grade according to the value calculated. The Calculator also displays the calculation giving you a step by step procedure of how the conversion has been executed.

For example;
Calculate the average grade given the following grades and weights.

Weight = 45, 65, 40, 50, 78, 87, 55, 67

Grades = 67, 60, 87, 56, 69, 98, 77, 70

You will enter the values respectively in their appropriate text fields. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to give you the results.

The average grade will be displayed as; 73.98 (C-)

(45×67+65×60+40×87+50×56+78×69+87×98+55×77+67×70) / (45+65+40+50+78+87+55+67) = 73.98

The Grade calculator uses a particular formula in performing the conversions.

Weighted grade = w1 x g1 + w2 x g2 + w3 x g3 + …, where w = weights, g = grades

It means that the weighted grade is calculated as the sum of the product of the weights in percentage multiplied by the grade.

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