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South Korea Time Now

South Korea Time Now

South Korea time zone is also referred to as Seoul Time. It uses the Korea Standard Time (KST) which is 9 hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +09:00). This means that when the time at UTC is 00:00 (midnight), the time in South Korea is 09:00 (9 am). Although the daylight time experimented in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, South Korea does not observe the DST currently.

The KST is similar to the Japan Standard Time (JST), Yakutsk Time and the Indonesian Eastern Standard Time. North Korea used to operate with the Korea Standard Time. However, they deviated from the normal time zone and adopted the Pyongyang Standard time.

It was reinstated in August 2015 and it is 30 minutes behind the Korea Standard Time. The Koreans used the sundials and water clock during the day and night respectively before the introduction of modern clocks.

A single zone for South Korea is contained in the IANA time zone database in a file known as zone.tab. They refer to this zone as to Asia/ Seoul. If you want to find the standard time in the Korea time zone, you will have to add nine hours to the Coordinated Universal Time.