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Thailand Time Now

Thailand Time Now

Thailand uses the Indochina Time which is abbreviated as ICT. It is 7 hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +07:00). Bangkok is one of the major cities in Thailand. Unlike other countries and territories, Thailand does not observe the Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Instead, it uses the same UTC offset throughout the year. The time zone identifier for Bangkok is described in the IANA databases as Asia/Bangkok. The sun rises at 06:00 and sets at 18:49. The day length is 12 hours and 49 minutes with the solar noon appearing at 12:24. The current local time in Bangkok is ahead of the apparent solar time by 24 minutes.

A time zone converter is a reliable tool that can help you determine the time difference between the Major cities in Thailand with your country of origin. You can also make a comparison with other countries or territories across the world.

Thailand time now is useful when you are confirming the current time or planning for a long international trip. It is always important to be up to date with the difference in time zones between various countries and continents. This is because every country has their own time zones.