USA Time Now

US Time Now

USA time zones:

The time zones in the USA is categorized into nine standard time zones. Most of the states and their possessions are covered by these time zones while majority observe the daylight saving time. This is usually during the summer, spring and fall months. The Department of Transportation is the ones behind DST observance and time zone boundaries. Two federal agencies provide highly precise timekeeping services. They include the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the United States Naval Observatory (USNO).

Some of the Zones used in the contiguous United States are Eastern Standard Time zone (Zone R) - UTC -05:00, The Central Standard Time Zone (Zone S) – UTC -06:00, The Mountain Standard Time Zone (Zone T) – UTC -07:00 and The Pacific Standard Time Zone (Zone U) – UTC -08:00.

There are two time zones that are used beyond the contiguous United States. These are The Alaska Standard Time Zone (AKST; UTC-09:00) – Zone V and the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Zone (HAST; UTC – 10:00) – Zone W. The Zones outside the United States are The Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST; UTC – 04:00) – Zone Q, Samoa Standard Time Zone (SST; UTC – 11:00) – Zone X and Chamorro Standard Time Zone (ChST; UTC + 10:00) – Zone K.