Inches To CM Conversion

Inches to Centimeters Conversion

Centimeters result: cm
Meters+centimeters result:

It is a conversion calculator that is used to convert inches (“) to centimeters (cm). It has three active controls that perform different functions of the calculator. This calculator gives you two options of entering the values to be converted to centimeters; Fraction and Decimal. If the value in inches is in form of a fraction, you will enter the whole number in the first text box. The numerator and the denominator will be entered in the top and bottom text boxes respectively as shown in the calculator. If the value is in decimal, you will switch by clicking the ‘Decimal’ option. Afterward, click the “Convert” button to perform the calculation.

The “Reset” button is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the calculator. It is the easiest way of readjusting the calculator when you want to perform new conversions. This calculator can also be used to perform conversions in the reverse using the “Swap” button. It allows you to convert the values from centimeters to inches. The results will be displayed below the three controls at the same time indicating the method used in performing the conversion.

For example;

Convert 5 ¾ inches to centimeters.


Enter the value 5 as the whole number in the first text box. 3 and 4 will be entered in the numerator and denominator text boxes respectively. Click the “Convert” button to execute the conversion. The result will be displayed as;

Centimeters result: 14.605cm

Meters + centimeters result: 0m 14.605 cm

Calculation: 5.75" × 2.54

= 14.605cm

Formula used in converting inches to centimeters

1” = 2.54 cm, which means that one inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters.

The distance in centimeters is calculated by dividing the distance in inches by 2.54. This can also be shown as;

D (cm) = d (inch) x 2.54

For example

Convert 30 inches to centimeters

D (cm) = 30” x 2.54 = 78.10cm.