Inches To Feet Conversion

Inches to Feet Conversion

Feet result: ft
Feet+inches result:

It is used to convert the values in inches (in) to feet (ft). The top section of the calculator has blank text fields where you enter the values in inches. They can either be a fraction or decimals and you have the options of switching between fractions and decimals depending on your values. This calculator has three control switches that perform various functions during the conversions.

The ‘Convert' button is useful in executing the calculations by changing the values from inches to feet. Once you are done, you can erase all the text fields using the ‘Reset' button to allow more room for new calculations. The ‘Swap' button is useful in alternating the alignment of the conversions depending on whether you are converting the values from inches to feet or feet to inches.

The first procedure is to enter the value in inches and click the ‘Convert' button. The results in feet will be displayed below the three controls while showing the method used in the calculation.

For example

Convert 5 6/7 inches to feet.


You will first enter the whole number 5 in the first text box, 6 as the numerator and 7 as the denominator in the required text fields. Click the ‘Convert' button to display the results. They will be shown as;

Feet result: 0.4880952381 ft

Feet + Inches result: 0ft 5.8571428571”

Calculation: 5.857142857142857" / 12

= 0.4880952381ft

Formula of converting inches to feet

1 "= 1 / 12 ft = 0.083333ft, which means that one inch is equal to 1 / 12 feet

The distance in feet is calculated by dividing the distance in inches by 12. It can also be indicated as;

D (ft) = d (") / 12

The inches to feet conversion calculator is not only faster but also gives accurate results depending on the values entered in the text box.