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Inches to Millimeters Conversion

Millimeters result: mm
Meters+millimeters result:

It is a calculator that is used to convert the values from inches (") to millimeters (mm). This calculator is reliable as it is simple and straight forward to use. It has blank text fields on the top platform that allows you to enter the inches in fractions or decimals. If the value you have is in decimals, you will switch by clicking on the "Decimal" option to enter it exactly in the text field. It also comes with three control buttons that perform different functions of the calculator. The first procedure is to enter the values in the required text field. Click the "Convert" button to execute the conversion. Your results in millimeters will be displayed below the three controls.

The "Reset" button is used to erase all data from the previous calculations from the text fields. It saves you time and confusion of deleting the values manually. The "Swap" button is useful in alternating the flow of calculations allowing you to convert values from millimeters to inches



Convert 3 4/9 inches to millimeters.


Enter the value 3 in the first big text box, 4 and 9 will be entered in the numerator and denominator text box respectively. Click the "Convert" button to perform the calculation. Your results will be displayed as;

Millimeters result: 87.488888889

Meters + millimeters result: 0 m 87.488888889 mm

Calculation: 3.4444444444444446" × 25.4

= 87.488888889mm

Formula of converting inches to millimeters

1"= 25.4 mm, which means that one inch is equivalent to 25.4 millimeters. The distance in millimeters is calculated by multiplying the distance in inches by 25.4.

It can indicated as; d (mm) = d (") x 25.4


Convert 30 inches to millimeters

D (mm) = 30" x 25.4 = 762mm

The inch to millimeters calculator is a multipurpose converter which gives you accurate results with a single click.