BTU to Joules conversion

BTU to Joules conversion

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BTU to joules conversion

It is used to convert the energy in BTU to energy in joules (J). This calculator has a single text field and two control buttons that have different functions. The ‘Convert' button is used in executing the conversions while the ‘Reset' is used to erase the calculations or entered values in the calculator. It gives you the result in joules which are displayed in the bottom text field of the converter.

It majorly deals with conversions from BTU to joules and alternation of the units may give you varied results. Start by entering the energy in BTU on the open text field before pressing the ‘Convert' button. It is simple to use and fast which makes it a convenient online calculator.

Formula of converting BTU to Joules

The calculator uses a particular method in performing the conversions. Most of the programmed online calculators offer speed and accuracy which is necessary for converting a variety of values from BTU to joules.

E (J) = 1055.05585262 x E (BTU), which means that the energy in joules is computed by multiplying the energy in BTU by 1055.05585262.

It can also be expressed as;

1 BTU (IT) = 1055.05585262 joules (J)

For example;
If the energy in BTU is 4500, what is the energy in joules?

E (J) = 1055.05585262 x E (BTU)

= 4500 BTU x 1055.05585262 = 4747751.3368 joules (J)

Example 2 If the energy in BTU is 0.694, find the energy in joules.

E (J) = 1055.05585262 x E (BTU)

= 0.694 BTU x 1055.05585262 = 732.20876172 joules (J)

The BTU to joules conversion can be used to convert several values over a short period. However, it cannot calculate multiple values at once which means that you have to reset the calculator before you enter the units to be converted. It is easily accessible and fast in its operations making it effective.