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Joules to Kilojoules conversion

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Joules to Kilojoules conversion calculator

It is a converter which is used to calculate the energy in joules to kilojoules. It is one of the easiest online calculators the fact that it does not require several units to determine the results in kilojoules. The joules to kilojoules calculator has a single text field which requires you to enter the energy in joules. Click the 'Convert' or 'Reset' button to execute the conversion. The result in kilojoules will be displayed below the two controls.

With the simplicity of this procedure, you can perform several conversions within a short period. Note that this calculator only executes a single conversion at a time, but when the ‘Reset' button is used, you can always enter new values that are to be converted. It erases the text field with a single click, after which you fill in the next value and click on the ‘Calculate' button to get the results.

Formula of calculating joules to kilojoules

The calculator uses a simple formula to perform the conversion. It only converts the value in joules to kilojoules and not the reverse.

It uses the formula;

E (kJ) = E (J) / 1000, which means that the energy in kilojoules is computed by dividing the energy in joules by 1000. The mathematical computation of joules to kilojoules is that one joule is equivalent to one thousand kilojoules. i.e. 1J = 0.001 kJ.

For example;
If the energy in joules is 650 J, what is the energy in Kilojoules?

E (kJ) = E (J) / 1000

= 650 / 1000 = 0.65 Kilojoules (kJ)

The joules to kilojoules calculator is easily accessible which means you can use it at any time. It focusses on speed and delivers accurate results with a single click. Its simplicity makes it easier to use, and you can perform several conversions within a short period.