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Joules to electron-volts conversion

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Joules to electron volts calculator

It is used to convert the energy in joules (J) to electron volts (eV). This calculator can only perform a single calculation at a time. It is equipped with the ‘Convert' and ‘Reset' controls which perform different functions in the converter. The first step is to enter the energy in joules before clicking the ‘Convert' button. It is used to complete the conversion from the energy in joules to electron volts with a single click.

The result in electron volts is presented in the bottom text field of the calculator below the two controls. If you have entered a wrong value or you wish to begin new calculations, you can use the ‘Reset' button which erases all the initial conversions. It is a simple online converter which makes it easier to perform more calculations.

Formula of converting joules to electron volts

E (eV) = E (J) x 6.241509.1018, which means that the energy in electron volts is computed by multiplying the energy in joules by 6.241509.1018.

It can also be expressed mathematically as;

1 J = 6.241509e18 eV = 6.241509.1018 eV

For example;
If the energy in joules is 1500 J, what is the result in electron volts?

E (eV) = E (J) x 6.241509.1018

= 1500 J /6.241509.1018 = 9.3622640149e + 21

The same procedure can always be repeated whenever you want to perform new conversions. The Joules to electron volts calculator was designed with speed of performing the calculations with accuracy on the results. It is important to know that this calculator will give you the results in electron volts depending on the entered values. It is also meant to convert the energy in joules to electron volts and not the reverse. It is free meaning you can always access it at any time since it is available online.