Joules to kWh conversion

Joules to kWh conversion

Result in kilowatt-hours: kWh

Joules to kWh conversion

It is used to convert the energy in joules (J) to kilowatt hours (kWh). It has a single text field which requires you to enter the energy in joules before clicking the ‘Convert' button. The results in kilowatt hours are displayed on the bottom platform of the calculator. The ‘Reset' button is used to erase all the previous calculations to create space for new calculations.

The joules to kilowatt-hours calculator can be used to perform several conversions in a short period. However, it can only convert one value from energy in joules to kilowatt-hours. Therefore, you can always coordinate the ‘Calculate' and ‘Reset' buttons to execute and remove the calculations. The procedure is simple and can always be repeated any time.

Formula of converting Joules to kilowatt hours

E (kWh) = E (J) / 3600000 = E (J).2.777778.10-7, which means that the energy in kilowatt hours is computed by dividing the energy in joules by 3600000.

It can also be expressed as;

1 J = 2.777778.10-7kWh = (1 /3600000) kWh

For example;
If the energy in joules is 1000 J, what is the result in kilowatt hours?

E (kWh) = E (J) / 3600000 = E (J).2.777778.10-7

= 1000 J / 3600000 = 0.00027777777778 kilowatt hours (kWh)

The joule to kilowatt-hours is an online calculator which is easily accessible and can be used to execute conversions within a short period. The ‘Convert' and ‘Reset' buttons are useful controls in the calculator and are effective in performing their intended functions. It is important to know that the calculator gives results depending on the value entered in the open text field. It majorly deals with conversions from Joules to Kilowatt hours according to the flow of calculations it was designed to perform. It is easy to use and delivers accurate results.