Joules to BTU conversion

Joules to BTU conversion

Result in BTUs: BTU(IT)

Joules to BTU conversion

It is used to convert the energy from joules (J) to BTU. It is also simple to use and readily accessible. The joules to BTU conversion calculator has a single text field which requires you to enter the energy in joules.

Click on the ‘Convert' button to complete the conversion process. The result in BTUs is presented below the two control buttons. You can always repeat the procedure using new values. For simplicity, the calculator has the ‘Reset' button which is used to erase the previous calculations at once.

This calculator can be used to perform several calculations within a short period. However, only converts a single conversion at a time. The fact that it delivers the results with a single click enhances its speed, and you can always reset and begin the procedure with a new value in joules.

Formula of converting Joules to BTU

The calculator utilizes a method of performing its conversions. It is expressed as;

E (BTU) = E (J) / 1055.05585262 =0.00094781712. E (J).

The mathematical formula is presented as;

1 J = 0.00094781712 BTU IT.

It can also be expressed as 1 BTU IT = 1055.05585262 Joules (J)

For example;
If the energy in joules is 450 J, what will be the energy conversion in BTU?

E (BTU) = E (J) / 1055.05585262 =0.00094781712. E (J).

= 450 J / 1055.05585262 = 0.426517704 BTU

This converter is used to perform conversions from joules to BTU and not the reverse. Alternating the values is likely to give wrong results. The unit to be entered in the open text field should be in joules for it to be converted to BTU. It is always accurate and delivers the right results with a single click of the ‘Convert' button. It is an online converter that can always be accessed at any time.