BTU to kJ conversion

BTU to Kilojoules conversion

Result in kilojoules: kJ

BTU to kilojoules calculation

It is an online conversion calculator used to convert BTU to the energy in kilojoules (kJ). It has two control buttons which perform different functions. The ‘Convert' button is used to initiate the calculations whereas the ‘Reset' button erases all the text fields of the previous calculations. The first procedure is typing in the energy in BTU. Once you have entered the value, click the ‘Convert' button to complete the conversion process. The result in kilojoules will be indicated below the two controls.

The formula for converting BTU to energy in kilojoules.

This calculator uses a particular method in executing the conversions. The formula used is expressed as;

E (kJ) = 1.05505585262.E (BTU), which means that the energy in kilojoules is computed by multiplying the energy in BTU by 1.05505585262.

It can also be expressed as;

1 BTU (IT) = 1.05505585262 kJ

For example;
If the energy in BTU is 1.675, what is the energy in kilojoules?

Formula: E (kJ) = 1.05505585262.E (BTU)

= 1.05505585262 x 1.675 (BTU) = 1.7672185488 Kilojoules (kJ)

Example 2

If the energy in BTU is 200, what is the energy in kilojoules?

Formula: E (kJ) = 1.05505585262.E (BTU)

= 1.05505585262 x 200 (BTU) = 211.01117 kilojoules (kJ)

The same procedure can always be repeated whenever you want to perform new calculations. This calculator deals particularly with conversions from BTU to energy in kilojoules. If you have several values that need to be converted to kilojoules, you can always use the ‘Reset' button before inputting new figures. It has been programmed to deliver accurate information in a short period. The accuracy of the conversions always depends on the BTU values entered in the first text field. However, this converter cannot execute multiple conversions at once which needs you to coordinate the ‘Convert' and ‘Reset' buttons while performing the conversions.